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Children and Youth Program

The Child and Youth Program (CYP) is a residential program and provides therapeutic services in a home-like atmosphere for adolescent boys (ages 12-18 years). Children attend Watertown City Schools and receive rehabilitative services in a program that is staffed 24 hours a day. Parents and other supports are closely involved with treatment for their child and maintain regular contacts, also with day and overnight home visits for the youth. These services can be accessed by contacting TLSNNY directly or contacting the Jefferson County Single Point of Access (SPOA) representative.

Health Home Care Management

Health Home Care Management (HHCM) is available to children in Jefferson, St. Lawrence and Lewis Counties with Medicaid. This service assists children and adolescents (ages birth-21 years of age) with a psychiatric diagnosis or two or more chronic health conditions maintain stability in their home. The Care Manager maintains regular contact with the parent/guardian, client and other involved collaterals to work together for the benefit of the client and family unit. Guidance and linkage to new or additional services is a core function of this program as well. These services can be accessed by contacting TLSNNY directly or a referral from a community provider.

Child and Family Treatment and Support Services (CFTSS)

TLSNNY offers Psycho-Social Rehabilitation to children ages 5-21 with a psychiatric diagnosis in Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence Counties. These are rehabilitative services (skill building) and can be delivered in the home or in the community by a trained provider. These services can be accessed directly by contacting the Children’s department at TLSNNY or a referral from a community provider.

Lewis and St. Lawrence County Care Coordination

This program is available in Lewis and St. Lawrence Counties. The services are case management based and provides a very similar service as the Health Home Care Management program. It is provided for those with a psychiatric diagnosis ages 5-21. This particular service is for clients who are not receiving Medicaid.

Home and Community Based Services Waiver

TLSNNY provides HCBS Waiver Respite Services to children 5-18 years of age who qualify for the program. Respite services provide the child and family a break from their daily routine in order to reduce stress and maintain harmony in the home. These services can be obtained through a Health Home Care Manager and can be accessed by contacting TLSNNY directly.

St. Lawrence Respite Care

Respite care is available in private homes for children who live in St. Lawrence County. This program is open to all children. Referrals are made by the local mental health agencies and/or other social service agencies.