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Single Point of Access (SPOA) for children and Single Point of Entry (SPOE) for adults

SPOA/SPOE allows individuals to be linked to services which best meet their needs. The SPOA process is specifically designed to serve individuals who are experiencing mental or behavioral difficulties.

Family members, school personnel, or any community agency employee with whom the family has contact may refer an individual for services. Referrals for services are sent to the SPOA/SPOE Coordinator who gathers information by reviewing referral forms and conducting intake interviews with the individual(s). The SPOA/SPOE Coordinator then presents the information to the SPOA/SPOE Committee.

The SPOA/SPOE Committee consists of representatives from area service providers. Meetings are held at least once per month, where the Committee reviews the individual’s intake information and determines eligibility for services and appropriate level of care. The individual and any representative at their discretion are encouraged to attend and actively participate in the SPOA Committee meeting. Through this process, community-based service providers are identified and assigned that assist the individual in meeting identified needs.

Lewis County maintains an open referral system. Anyone in the community who has knowledge of a child or individual
experiencing difficulties may, with their approval, submit a referral to the SPOA Coordinator.

Referrals can be sent to the SPOA/SPOE Coordinator, Jamie Roberts at (315) 377-6014.